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How to make a free website?

Whether it’s for a business or for fun, making website can be a useful and exciting project. With little or no knowledge in web design, you can create a free website using one of several possible hosts. The host that you choose will provide a domain. For this reason, make sure you have the best online site builder.


1. Navigate to onlinesitebuilder.ca and click on the register button. Fill the form with your name of user, your password and your e-mail address. Click to create your Free Web Site. Enter a Business or Website Name for your site, then a name in the subdomain, which appear as in the following example: “http://name.onlinesitebuilder.ca”.

step 1

2. But, before you can start, you must activate your account. For this, you have to Check your Inbox and click the given link.

acount now activate

3. Login again and you can view Dashboard.


4. Configure your web site by selecting a template from “Appearance>Themes.”  Select suitable theme for your free website. You can even customize it; add widgets, change menus or other theme options.


5. Click on “New Post” to add text, images or video to the site. You can also add categories and tags for specific posts.

New Post

6. Click on “Preview post” and make a test of how it will look. Then click “Post” when you feel ready to share your site with others.

Your Website

Online site builder is free!  In just 3 minutes you will have your page. The application is really easy. No need for previous programming knowledge! Professional designs are already integrated. You can add Guestbook, counter or comment box according to polls and more. All for free!

Benefits of WordPress Website as CMS

Nowadays, almost all websites on Content Management System (CMS) are very handy as you can change the content of your website without technical knowledge. There are many different systems, one of which is WordPress.

WordPress started as a simple platform for blogging. Then it has become a full-fledged CMS. WordPress is used by many companies and individuals. Evidence that a serious WordPress CMS: companies such as CNN, Reuters, TED and NRC Next use WordPress as a CMS.


Here are some benefits of WordPress as a CMS.

1. WordPress is free

Look, we love free. WordPress you can just download and install and you immediately have a working website. This is a standard website and its functions but is not usually very attractive. A good web developer is best for personal and functional website.

2. WordPress is open source so full swing

A CMS is a collaboration between PHP and MySql. The latter is the database, but says the cabinet with drawers where everything is stored. PHP is the language that the drawers open and enter the information you put into it.

As a web agency can develop own CMS and the knowledge of this lies within the company. However WordPress is an open source system. This means that anyone can tinker with the WordPress code. There is a huge community of programmers who make continuous improvements. This causes frequent updates of the system with one of the largest online communities behind them. By using WordPress you do not limit you to a web agency with its own CMS.

3. Lots of plugins

Plugins are extensions of the system. This increase functionality, for example email forms add to your site. At present there are about 20,000 plugins available. And these are almost all free. So you can add a shop to your site or a plugin that regularly backs up your site.

4. Easy to use

Maybe this is the main advantage for the user. WordPress has run a logical layout and content is dead simple. It is also possible to paste. Content from Word into the editor of WordPress the format remains the same and the page or message can directly online.

5. Thousands themes

WordPress comes with a default theme. This determines the appearance of the website. Fortunately, there are thousands of other options, free or for a small fee. Just take a look. These themes are all to suit your style. It is also possible to build on. Its own theme slightly more expensive but then you have a theme that nobody else has.

6. Search engine friendly

WordPress is very friendly to search engines. There is also a lot of plugins to make the system friendlier. You can post the title, description and keywords to fill the page. Easier to find, the better the optimization, the better your site found in search engines. An important aspect when you run a new company that depends on the visibility in Google.

7. Load really fast

WordPress is a lightweight CMS, and is relatively fast. It is important because Google has indicated the speed of sites to go participate in the ranking of sites. Also nice for visitors that pages load really fast and they do not have to wait to see the page.

8. WordPress is secure

Popular scripts and software are always interesting for hackers. If a vulnerability or bug is found, this is fixed in the next update. By regularly updating WordPress so you reduce the risks. In addition, there are several plugins that enhance security.


If these benefits make it clear that WordPress CMS is ideal, especially for dynamic websites that publish regular information and want to be good for search engines. The system is easy to customize and extend for not too high costs.

By using a theme you can present it online quickly at low cost. Do you spend a little more, there is the possibility to create completely personalized with your own theme.

If you want to customize your new website or an old one then feel free to contact Webbyrå I Stockholm to get responsive theme customization.

Strengthen Your Brand Through Facebook Likes

There are not many who have escaped that Facebook is currently the most popular social network available on the Internet today. Facebook currently has millions of active users, and it has evolved to be a great place to work actively with its marketing, both in order to highlight their own website or brand.

FB Likes

Köp Facebook Likes: We see more and more brands integrate their marketing globally and locally in social media, both with their own pages and accounts on that Facebook and other social media. Using this as a tool to reach and come closer to their customers and create an active conversation with them, which in turn leads to both more visitors to your site.

Any experienced website owners know how powerful this marketing technique can be and it is obviously the main reason why they are so interested in this type of marketing technique.

Benefits of Facebook Fan Pages:

  • Popularity – A Facebook Fan Page can be accessed by millions of other users across the network and the fact that it is active by Realtime search strip, which in turn creates more users than is available only through Facebook.
  • More popularity through a fan page does more publicity and it increases the chance to do conversions for your product or service dramatically.
  • Creation of a Community – For each created page on Facebook, there is an opportunity for visitors to comment, suggest and / or write something on the page with comments. The big advantage here is that you can really gather all the loyal visitors on the same page.

Numerous business owners measure their success by how well the company is visible and what reactions they receive in social media. Getting many clicks can thus be a way for managers and CEOs to show that the company is on the right track.

Swedish site FBlikes.se is one of the companies that guarantee a certain number of Facebook likes for cheaper prices. It can generate a lot of followers on Twitter, more like clicks on Facebook or multiply the number of viewings on Google+. On the company’s site there are different packages to choose from. FBlikes.se guarantees that at least 5,000 new users click the like button on the purchaser’s side within four weeks. Rather than take up the competition with well-paid programmers, FBlikes.se makes use of real people in order to increase the popularity of the network, which can be cheaper.